Azusa Pacific University

Professor Geib teaches for Azusa Pacific University in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Learning Program directed by Dr. Joanne Gilbreath, Ed.D. Mr. Geib is very proud to be able to work in this capacity to help teachers utilize technology in ways that will allow them to teach more effectively than before. Digital technology is relatively new introduction to the classroom, and teachers need not re-invent the wheel and figure it all out for themselves; Mr. Geib hopes to be able to save them time and help teachers to find powerful uses for this technology which is changing so much else in contemporary American culture.

The question always starts off with, "Can we do this better with technology than without? Is this the best way we can fashion a lesson to take learning to its deeper levels? How is teaching the same as ever, and how is a teacher today different and perhaps better than before by use of new technologies?" The idea is to teach wisely, well, and humanely, and then to learn to do those things better than before by the dynamnic use of cutting-edge technology. Relatively speaking, to learn to use the technology is easy. To learn, on the other hand, how to integrate this powerful new digital technology into the craft of building lesson plans, group projects, and engaging and rigorous units is the work of a lifetime. That is where the focus is placed.

Ventura County Satellite Campus APU Classes

We at the Ventura County campus of Azusa Pacific University are dedicated to providing the highest quality possible professional instruction to K-12 teachers who wish to learn how to use technology to increase student learning. The following classes can be accessed at this domain:

EDUC 512 - Microsoft Instructional Software Applications

EDUC 514 - Digital Video for the Classroom

EDUC 515 - Evolving Educational Technologies

EDUC 522 - Learning in the 21st Century: Multiple Intelligences and Instructional Technology

EDUC 523 - Hypermedia Enhanced Learning Environments

EDUC 525 - Web Design for the Classroom

EDUC 526 - Capstone Experience in Educational Technology and Learning

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